Strengths and Mental Health - #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Celine Floyd – Director of Assessment Solutions

One of my top strengths is Centred, which is all about staying calm, rational and clear headed, even in the face of challenge, ambiguity or pressure. This comes in very handy at Capp! We are such an innovative and agile company that things change all the time; and with so many large clients there can be a lot of problem resolution. I love helping others keep perspective and enjoy even those rocky moments. 

Playing to your strengths at work is critical for mental health - if you are doing what you love, and are ‘in flow’, then you’re going to have higher levels of energy and positivity. It means you can help yourself and others when things get tough.

Olivia Holmes – Senior Resourcing Partner

My top strength is Unconditionality. I have the capacity to accept people for you they are without judgement. Another high strength is Equality. I treat everyone equally and that I am a champion of equal treatment and opportunity. Both of these really help maintain my own mental health as they keep me grounded, and I think they help me help others.

I think both of these really help me in my work as well. It means I can see things from another viewpoint, which really helps when you are solving problems or trying to tackle difficult situations. As both a leader and a team member treating everyone equally means I can bridge gaps between more nervous team members, ultimately making the team a whole works better. These strengths also mean I am hard to intimidate. Seeing everyone as equal makes me quite self-assured. This means I tend to be steady in any situation I am in or am helping someone else with. These can be a work-based situation, or any situation I may be involved in as a mental health first aider.   

Claire Marr – Client Success Manager

My Strength of Legacy really helps to support me in overcoming day to day challenges at work (and at home!)  it helps me to stay focused when things get tough, and helps me to see the bigger picture of the situation/ task or challenge that I'm facing.  This not only helps me to stay grounded, it helps me to help others understand the importance of what we are doing! 

Focusing on your strengths helps you to feel more engaged and be more successful in your approach to anything!  Try to not focus on what you can’t do (that's far too negative) but instead focus on what you can do and what you enjoy doing... then you will only succeed!

Kate Armstrong – Assessment Consultant

My top strength is courage. I use this at work every day to challenge the way we work, look to improve our solutions and champion new, innovative ways of assessment. It helps me stay open to new opportunities and take on demanding projects I otherwise might have avoided.

You have a clear idea of what you can bring to each project and meeting, you are relied upon within the team for having a strong personal brand (that you’ve build based on the knowledge of knowing what you’re good at) and you can go home at the end of the day having utilised skills you enjoy using and avoiding things that de-energise you.

Lizzie Hyde – Marketing Manager

One of my top strengths is Organiser. Within my marketing role I manage and deliver anything up to 5 events per month, which requires substantial organisation. When I use my strengths daily through planning ahead and feeling on top of my workload not only aids my role but my mental health. By knowing what is upcoming, and that there is time to deliver on all aspects of an event takes away that overwhelming feeling anxiety and stress that I can feel when I am not organised.