Event Round-up: In-house Recruitment London

Nicky Garcea presenting on the future of recruitment

What a pleasure to partner in another successful and insightful In-house Recruitment event, with roundtables encouraging idea sharing, discussions of current challenges, and industry networking with lovely professionals working across talent acquisition. It’s always interesting to view it from my perspective as an occupational psychologist and keep up-to-date with current trends in the market.

Here are my key facts and takeaways from the day:
  • 91% of candidates expect to be offered a job within 3 weeks. This statistic from Reed really put into perspective how much of a candidate driven market it is, and how recruitment processes need to be as efficient and effective as possible.
  • Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are ever more a priority within Talent Acquisition (and rightfully so). We all discussed what we are currently are working on, from paid English lessons to international woman day events, and other interventions such as Textio, which can help create more gender-neutral job ads during the attraction stage.
  • Nicky Garcea, our co-founder here at Capp presented on ‘Strengths-based Recruitment: Now and in the future’. With the majority of people spending 77,000 hours in their lifetime at work, it is crucial that people are doing a job they love, not just about organisations who need good people. Being able to authentically assess for strengths that combines immersive employer branding, realistic insight into organisations and robust psychometrics is crucial for candidate experience. Refreshing approach breaking free from the traditional, dry and uninformative assessments.
  • Capp also explored the innovations and new technology on the market, such as Virtual Reality in assessment and developing, which was aspirational, and good to see HR being more cutting-edge and forward thinking.
  • Gary Manning spoke about ‘how to hire for cultural fit’ and the significance of ensuring your processes are without subjective bias. Incorporating training and information for your assessors as part of your processes is vital for success. If you haven’t read the book “Thinking Fast & Slow” by Daniel Kahneman, I highly recommend it to understand how our brains are naturally wired to think in certain ways.
  • Gemma Betney finished the day by highlighting the importance of employer branding in the recruitment process. It is great to see others building a recruitment strategy by first scoping requirements in a Success Analysis. This echoes our approach to understanding each organisation as individuals and taking a bespoke approach rather than using a blanketed style that inhibits differentiation and competitive advantage.
A massive thank you to Natasha Preocanin and the team – a productive and thoroughly interesting event, and many new friends made! I’m already looking forward to the next In-house Recruitment event!

If you’d like to catch up about anything I’ve mentioned, please do feel free to connect with me and drop me an email: Antonella.Vaughan@capp.co