Event Round-up: In-House Recruitment Early Careers

From school internships and apprenticeships, to Future Leaders programmes, attraction and engagement – all were presented and discussed at the In-House Recruitment Early Careers event in London last week. With academic success no longer being the ‘all-important’ metric used to try and guarantee expertise in the workplace, the Early Careers Recruiters who joined me for the roundtable discussions are open to and exploring ways to attract talent. We talked about everything from onboarding tools, moving the needle from Candidate Engagement to creating a sense of belonging, and how technologies such as Virtual Reality are helping to both attract and assess talent from today’s much wider talent pool.

With an increasing number of young people considering alternative routes to their careers, Apprenticeships were both widely celebrated and the cause of some frustration. Whilst National Apprenticeship Week 2019 is underway and aims to showcase all the incredible opportunities doing an apprenticeship can bring, there is a desire from the recruiters I sat with last week, for much more to be done to promote apprenticeships to school and parents.

Police Now shared their story on Attracting and Recruiting for their National Graduate Leadership Programme and were joined on stage by my Capp colleague, who shared the assessment innovations introduced to their assessment process and the benefits of adopting a strengths-based approach. To find out about Capp and how we can support your Early Careers recruitment and development needs, please get in touch.

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