Capp Award Winner - Jack Brown

My last 12 months at Capp have been action-packed! It has been full of challenge and discovery.

If I was to summarise the most rewarding part of my 2018 journey – It has been the opportunity to build and lead the development of our API Portal. It’s an application which is already making everyone’s life at Capp much simpler, and synergistic. This has been achieved by reducing the barriers between teams, cutting out tedious processes, and automating tasks – meaning everyone can fully focus on the more important tasks.

One of the most interesting projects I’ve worked on recently was the development of our new assessment platform. This assessment was conceptualised, and delivered within a tiny time frame, and has been a massive success. I architected, and programmed a substantial part of the code base, and project managed the delivery for two huge clients in-parallel. This involved working closely with the solutions team, sharing knowledge on the structure and implementation whilst programming features and distributing tasks to other members of the development team. It was challenging, and a true test of my multi-tasking skills to say the least!

But it all encapsulates what I like most about Capp, opportunity. Since day one I have been given opportunity to learn, to apply new technologies to solve modern problems, and to feel like what I do has an impact not only for Capp, but for the many who benefit from our products.