Capp Award Winner - Claire Marr

Collecting the award from Alex Linley and Nicky Garcea

So…. that’s me winning the “Customer and Client Success Award” at this year Capp Awards! 

It’s such an amazing achievement to be recognised for this award, as although I have been a long-standing member of the Capp team I am relatively new to the world of Client Success, having joined the team little over 12 months ago. The past 12 months have been a whirlwind of activity for me, enabling me to work hand in hand with our clients and our creative solutions team who design our fantastic assessments.

Leading up to this award win I’ve facilitated the successful delivery of numerous exciting projects for some of our awesome clients! Some of my most notable tales of client success include delivering Strengths-based interview training to the fantastic residents at Phoenix Community Housing, who are a not-for-profit resident-led housing association. They ensure that the final stage of all recruitment processes are conducted by residents. 

I’ve visited the home of Purina’s Felix to deliver a new, hands on and fun Assessment Centre exercise for Nestlé’s Manufacturing Apprentices and I’ve project managed the design and implementation of a brand new immersive Online assessment for GSK! To date thousands of early talent candidates (in over 15 global countries, spanning 5 continents) have completed these assessments, each learning more about the GSK business function they have applied for, as well as receiving development tips on their Strengths as a bonus!

The home of Purina's Felix!

I love the opportunity I have to maximise my strengths to help and serve our clients! Being able to delight them with our fantastic service and bespoke assessment solutions is key, always with the aim of helping to match the world to their perfect job.