Capp Award Winner - Ben Lovegrove

To say I was surprised when it was announced that I had won Sales Person of the Year at the recent Capp Awards would be a pretty big understatement. Having been at Capp for just over a year, it is amazing how things have changed and perhaps it is worth taking stock of what has happened over that time which has resulted in this achievement. 

When I first joined Capp in the London office, our space included around 8-10 desks and most days it was full to capacity, so within a couple of months we moved into a space twice the size. Soon we were bursting at the seams of that office, so took on the room next door and removed the partition to make it one big room. Since then we have also taken on a further two rooms within the building and some days we have to juggle desks in order to fit everyone in…….all within 12 months! But back in that original office, around two weeks after starting, I found an opportunity to compete for a leadership development programme within the public sector. Although I was new and still getting to grips with how Capp operates, I was given the full support of the team and suddenly had 3-4 people working with me on writing the proposal. We were delighted to be shortlisted to proposal stage and a few weeks later we found out we had been awarded the contract. I shared the news with the team and within a couple of hours I had received calls from all the Board members congratulating me on the success and that’s when it really hit home about what a great place this is to work. 

Fast forward to the end of my first 12 months and we had been awarded another big public sector tender for leadership development, a couple of exciting assessment and transformation projects and I even had the chance to represent Capp at the AAGE conference in Melbourne during which our second Australian hire was confirmed. 

AAGE Conference with Lucy Zucker

It has been a pleasure working with colleagues from across various departments, including my peers in the commercial team who are all incredibly supportive and collaborative. The year ahead is already looking exciting with new developments in our Virtual Reality solution, a packed schedule of events in the UK, US and Australia which will undoubtedly help us in our mission of matching the world to their perfect job!