Make Talent Management your Priority for 2019

According to the CIPD, talent management and employee engagement are in the top five of current and future organisation priorities for both HR and non-HR leaders (CIPD Outlook Survey). And more than 50% of CEOs prioritised talent management with increased budgets (CIPD and Hays Resourcing and Talent Planning Survey).

But research also shows that most organisations don’t undertake talent management activity. And if they do, it tends to focus on a small subset of the workforce, leaving hidden value unexploited and too many employees disengaged and unfulfilled.

And this is at a time when organisations are required to recruit, manage and retain people in a complex and competitive employment market. The CIPD finds that 75% of UK organisations experience difficulties recruiting employees.

There appears to be a gap between HR management rhetoric and the reality of people management practice. Organisations are not acting as if people are their greatest assets.

There is opportunity for competitive advantage amongst those that do value their people, and identify, harness and develop the strengths of their employees.

In today’s recruitment landscape, the importance of effective people development strategies cannot be overlooked. The recruitment responsibility continues long after the contract is signed.

Excellent on-boarding, tailored development opportunities, team engagement and relevant training are vital to improve people’s confidence, energy, and resilience, leading to better performance from a more engaged workforce.

Capp’s Talent Solutions team know the importance of onboarding, engagement and development. Constantly creating innovative solutions for staff at all levels it is winning business with existing clients and new – for instance the National Institute of Health Research contract which was won last month.

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