Nottingham NHS Trust appoints Capp to Develop Leadership

Nottingham University Hospital Trust (NUH) has embarked on a leadership development programme which will see up to 600 of its leaders taking part over the next two years.

The Trust is partnering with development and assessment company Capp to design and deliver the Enabling Our Change programme. Bespoke to NUH the blended learning programme has a strong emphasis on positive psychology using robust evidence-based research.

The first stage of the work has begun. Capp have immersed themselves within NUH conducting interviews and focus groups across the Trust to ensure the programme content is relevant and participants can apply what they learn.

The development will focus on Capp’s unique Strengths-based methodology. A Strength is something people do well, do often, and which energises them when they do it. Strengths indicate motivation and potential rather than past experience.

Enabling Our Change will provide leaders with the opportunity to further build their self-awareness as a leader and develop their compassionate inclusive leadership qualities, improve leadership skills and system leadership strengths to meet the challenges NUH faces today and in the future.

NUH has 15,000 staff and the 600 leaders who will take part in the Enabling Our Change programme lead staff and liaise with patients and their families as well as many carrying out clinical roles.

“We are delighted to be working with NUH,” said Capp Head of Talent Solutions Stephanie Hopper. “It is a time of great change and transformation for how the NHS works and we believe our development approach will help prepare the leaders to take the Trust into the next decade.”

“Our leaders are at the heart of creating a positive environment for our people who in turn give great care and create a great experience for our patients.  The NHS is challenged on a number of fronts and ensuring our leaders have the capacity and capability to be the best that they can be will enable us to rise to those challenges in a positive and inspirational way,” added Nicky Hill, Director of HR at NUH.

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