Reinventing the workplace using Strengths

Lauren Scarlett - Strengths Profile Consultant

The latest episode of BBC Radio 4’s The Wrong Job focused on how employers can rethink the concept of work and the workplace to motivate and retain employees. An interesting quote during the show revealed that 75 per cent of people in the UK believe they are in the wrong job, and that at any one time, up to a third of the workforce are looking to change jobs.

So what’s gone wrong?
Whilst most employees aspire to do things they love and excel at in their work, we know there are tasks that with the greatest will in the world, feel tedious and take more effort to achieve. And for managers, this raises the important question ‘is everyone, doing everything effectively?’. During the show, guest speakers discussed the current endemic problem of organisations not having the right middle managers, with this cohort being characterised as being technically competent and perhaps overlooking the people side of things. We know at Strengths Profile that many managers do get to where they are because they are great at their jobs, and not necessarily through managing.

How can Strengths help?
Discovering more about your own and others strengths encourages strengthspotting opportunities to do more of what they are good at and enjoy. When managers strengthspot in their people, and take time to recognise and develop these strengths, their teams are more likely to go the extra mile as they feel happier, more fulfilled and productive. That prior feeling of being in ‘The Wrong Job’ no longer seems an option once a person knows their strengths, as they can re-lens and find energy in even the smallest of tasks. For instance, having insights into strengths like Planner and Organiser could encourage an employee to be more intentional about structuring their workday and maximising their energy across a spectrum of activities.

Authenticity is key
During the show one expert mentioned that for one reason or another, organisations don’t seem to encourage employees to bring their ‘whole self’ to work. The knock-on effect being that if we only show-up with a very small percentage of ‘who we are’, then we only show up with only a small percentage of our passion and energy.

How different could an organisation look if this resource of underutilised energy could be tapped into? At Strengths Profile we know that when organisations adopt a strengths-based approach to their culture, performance, productivity and customer satisfaction increases. Through knowing our strengths, the benefits are transformational, as we grow in confidence and connect to our ‘authentic self’. For managers, this authenticity could become their greatest asset to managing teams.

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