Strengths in Action - Tweeting about Humility

Claire Marr - Client Success Manager

“If there’s one type of bird I have a strong affinity with, it’s definitely the singy songy fellas. They kind of wake up the world with their vocals. It’s a little-known fact, but that’s not them getting up, you know; it’s them having not been to bed yet… they are the feathery show offs…”. This is according to Tim Burgess, lead singer of the band The Charlatans, but have you thought about the impact of those not quite as showy on the rest of the flock?

With Humility as my top Realised Strength, those that work closely with me will know that I love putting my project management skills to use by working away in the background to ensure the solution is delivered to the highest standard. Yet unlike those feathery show-offs, the spotlight isn’t something I flock to, often preferring to use it as an opportunity to give others the credit for their amazing contributions.

The motivation I get from giving the gift of praise for the team’s successes has led me to feel that a focus on Humility could be a key leadership strength, as it can really help with team performance.

Surely leaders strong in Humility will be more trusted by direct reports – they will enjoy the good times when recognition for the role that they have played in the team’s success is shared. This trust could then help to build team engagement and in turn providing a great impact for employers!

Embracing Humility can also feel like a breath of fresh air, especially with the current trend of Selfitis, where people are increasingly narcissistic and attention-seeking. Humility sits in the Being Family of Strengths Profile, which helps to understand our way of being in the world. Sitting and spending time focusing on self-awareness and our impact on others really helps to reduce those egotistical and show-offy traits.

So next time, maybe consider the benefits of the less obvious strengths and celebrate the differences of the flock, as we can’t all be fighting for the centre of stage or attention!

One final note – I couldn’t get away with finishing this blog without thanking Jamie Marsh (a member of our excellent Assessment Consultant Team) for his creative support in helping me to scope such an engaging blog about the beauty of Humility…