Finding the Perfect Job

Abbie Winter - Assessment Consultant
At Capp we share a goal of matching the world to their perfect job. I was reflecting on what this means to me the other day, while talking to a colleague about my family.

I’m the eldest of four children and between us we have each chosen very different -but equally fulfilling- paths into our careers. I chose a rather ‘traditional’ route, going to university for four years, having a brief gap year and then finding my way into my dream job as a consulting psychologist. Working in a client-facing role allows me to follow my interest in psychology, to use my strengths in project management and apply my passion for making a contribution to my professional field.

My brother on the other hand, left school after A-levels and went straight into work. He spent a few years in Insurance and has recently found a new opportunity in car sales. In this role, he’s able to use his strengths in rapport builder and humour and is already showing early signs of success.

My middle sister has followed a similar path to myself and is currently at university. That’s where the similarities end though, as she is reading Civil Engineering. She has an analytical mindset, a passion for numbers, and a great strength in detail.

Little sister is currently studying at Equine college and is looking to start a career working with horses. While this is a tough field to break into, her strengths in work ethic and drive mean that she is constantly pushing herself to be successful and creating opportunities for herself which will open other doors to her.

So why is this relevant to Capp’s methodology? Well, I think my family are a great representation of the importance of finding the right job for yourself. A role you enjoy, gain fulfilment from, and where you can be at your best by using your strengths.

Maybe this happened by accident, maybe it’s thanks to my fantastic parents who always encouraged us to do what makes us happy. But in a world where there are now opportunities available to young people far beyond the university route, I think it goes to show that understanding your strengths is a great first step to finding your perfect job.