Resilience, Bounceback And Drive Shaping Andy Murray's Return To Top Tennis

Claire Deeley - Senior Marketing Manager

Andy Murray’s return to top flight tennis is a triumph in itself after his hip surgery last year. It’s certainly taken Resilience, Bounceback, and Drive – three strengths associated with successful sportspeople.

He’s found the resources he needs to pick himself up and overcome setbacks; to stretch his goals and motivate himself to achieve more.

Some strengths are obvious, some are unrealised, and others are behaviours we learn as we go through life.

Andy Murray has Courage in spades, but he may not always have been aware of his capacity for Legacy – his desire to do things to make a difference. It’s not just his three Grand Slam titles and two Olympic Gold Medals, but his work with young people in Scotland and beyond.

His fellow British tennis player Johanna Konta may be hoping she can learn more about Adherence and Listener after her outburst at umpire Paula Vieira Souza. It’s not all negative however, as her Persistence in pointing out the inaccuracies of the umpiring decisions at Nottingham suggests that her attention to Detail is strong.

Knowing more about our strengths and those of colleagues helps us understand what motivates us – what we are good at, what we do often, and what we enjoy doing. It helps us do more of what we are great at, and to develop or delegate where we are not as strong.